Colectia mea de oje Part II -My nailpolish stash

Hello, girls!
           Ce mai faceti? Cum v-a fost vara? Cred ca ar trebui sa folosesc o expresie incetatenita pe youtube : Cand a trecut vara asta/luna asta? Parca am luat o simpla gura de aer de pe 1 iunie pana acum.
            Nu voi mai relua povestea cu : nu am timp. Imi voi face. Trebuie.
Asa cum am promis in nenumarate randuri, continui seria intitulata Colectia mea de oje.
Legat de postarea de astazi: ador sa citesc acest gen de postari. Sunt preferatele mele. Oare pentru ca sunt kind of a nailpolish junkie/freak?
        *How are you? How did the summer treated you? I think I will use a well known expression on youtube: Where did the summer go? It feels like I only took a breath of air since June 1st.
          I won’t repeat the story with “I don’t have time” again, I’ll make time. I have to.
As promised so many times, I come to you with the Second part of my Nailpolish Collection.
Related to this post: I love to read this kind of blog posts. Maybe because I am kind of a nailpolish junkie/freak?
Without further ado, here we go:
1. Topcoat-uri:-P2 Mega shine topcoat;
-Konad topcoat;
-Orkide topcoat Nail care+neon;
-Elegantouch- Protective coat;
-Seche Vite- Dry fast topcoat – my love;
-Rimmel London Matte finish –Mattifying topcoat.
          2. Hardeners-Essence studio nails- Ultra strong nail hardener;
-Sparitual Protein Boost.

        3.Cuticle helper-Minus 417 Cuticle oil;
-Kallos Cuticle remover oil.
4.Peel off base coat-essence Nail art Peel off base coat

5.Nailpolish savior

Seche Restore– Stiti momentul acela cand vreti sa folositi o oja pe care stiti ca o iubiti si o pastrati de buna si o gasiti uscata si imposibil de aplicat? Momentul acela nu imi mai este familiar de cand am primit acest produs.
*Seche RestoreYou know the moment when you want to use a nailpolish that you love and keep and you are finding it dry and impossible to use? That moment isn’t familiar anymore since I received this product.*
6. Nail art nailpolish-Kallos nail art 04;
-Kallos nail art 06;
-Decorative art Ablines
7. Golden Rose Scale effect 06;
-Scale effect 08.
-Impression 12;
Used here with -Holiday 60:
-Holiday 61;
-Holiday 60;
-Holiday 68.

-Rich color 16;
-Jolly Jewels 110;
-Rich color 35;
-Rich color 39;
-Jolly jewels 101
Used here with Rich Color 16:

8. KIKO 

-Sugar Mat 634;
Used here:
-Sugar Mat 636;
Used here:
-Sugar Mat 644.
Used here:
9. Cherimoya-Magnetic 21;
-Magnetic 19.
10. MUA- Make Up Academy-All nude;
Pistachio Ice Cream.
11.L’oreal -409
Used here:
12. Avon-Nailwear pro+ – Lemon sugar
13. Essence-Colour&Go –126 Date in the moonlight;
-Colour&Go – 146 That’s what I mint;
Used here:
-Colour&Go – 120 Cookie love;
-Colour&Go – 121 Gold fever;
-Colour&Go- Cafe ole;

-Colour&Go – 148 Prom berry;
-Colour&Go – 149 Hello marshmallow;
-Snow jam – 04 Top of the ice stream;
Used here:
-Colour&Go – 139 Walk on the wild side
Used here:
-Colour&Go – 67 Make it golden;
Used here:
-Colour&Go – Space queen;
Used here:
-Colour&Go – 59 Black is back;
-Colour&Go – 71 Trendsetter;
-Colour&Go – 83 Luxury secret;
-Colour&Go – 43 Where is the party;
-Colour&Go – 87 Passion for fashion;
-Colour&Go – 51 Mellow yellow;
-Colour&Go – 38 Choose me;
-Colour&Go – 76 Hard to resist.
-Nail art Special effect topper – 02 Circus confetti;
-Nail art Special effect topper – 01 It’s Purplicious;
-Nail art Special effect topper – 03 Hello holo;
Used here: 
-Nail art Special effect topper – 16 Cool breeze;
Used here:
-Nail art Special effect topper – 13 “mrs and mr glitter”;
-Nail art Special effect topper – 15 Glitter on me;
Used here:
-Nail art Special effect topper – 12 Holo Topping;
-Hugs&Kisses 02

-Colour& change 01 Wonderlicious green;
-Colour& change 04 Unexpected galaxy;
-Colour& change 03 Sweet surprise;
-Colour& change top coat.
-Me&my ice cream – 04 Icylicious;
-Me&my ice cream – 02 Always In My Mint;
-Season extreme – Nude or what?
-Twilight breaking dawn- 01 Jacob’s protection
-Nail colour 3 – 05 Boys are back in town
Used here: 
14. Astor– Fashion Studio 135;
Used here:
– Fashion Studio 70.
Used here:
15. Catrice-905  Steel My Soul ;
Used here:
– 840 Genius in the Bottle;
-420 Dirty Berry;
-440 Wear My Sunglasses At Night;
-220 Lost in mud;
-200 From Dusk To Dawn.

-650 Goldfinger ;
-280 London’s weather forecast;
-890 How I Matt Your Mother;
Used here:
-800 Heavy Metallilac;
Used here:
-Ultimate nude 060.
16.Gabrini-Elegant 383
17. Nubar-Nfu-oh 50
Used here:

18. Random

-Milani- 533 Silver;
-Pastel –123;
Used here: 
-Lady in red- 111;
-Orkide – G 14;
-Cairuo – 15.

-Cairuo- 13;
-No name;
-La Girl Glitter- Uninhibited;
-Rose group- 02;
Used here:
-Chissa- 10;
Used here: – on the tips
-Maria Lopez- 40.

        I hope it’s not too much. Have a great week, full of hope, awesome blog posts and happiness :*.

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  1. Multumesc! Sa nu crezi ca sunt cumparate toate odata, in timp….de vreo 4 ani tot colectionez. Unele sunt scumpe, insa mie in mintea mea imi place sa cred ca merita, desi par o ciudata pentru persoanele din jurul meu. Te pup si eu!

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