Nails of the day: Ombre without a plan

Hello, girls!

           How are you? Today I don’t feel like it’s almost Chritmas, the snow it’s not around anymore, the weather sucks and so on…
           I wish for a lot of snow, an amazing Christmas tree and a lot of great gifts. Selfish, huh?

            For today I have for you a mani with two nailpolishes that disappointed me. I chose them randomly. I thought that they match and I wasn’t wrong. I applied 2 coats of white under all three of them, in vain. I always use this method for a vibrant color, but in this case, these nailpolishes were so bad that it’s didn’t work. 
               I used :
– the base – Ciate-Snow virgin
-on the ring finger over Snow virgin- Essie Bouncer it’s me;
-on the index finger over Snow virgin-Yule Rules- not so bad, but it wasn’t what I hoped for;
-on the middle finger and on the thumb over Snow virgin – Ciate-Jewel 083- patchy and the result was an ombre one. I don’t know if I hate it or not. I applied 2 coats of this, but in vain. I wanted this so bad, it looked like a snowglobe.

        I wasn’t lucky at all. I wanted to show this to you because I think that you should be carefull with every nailpolish you choose. I love Essie and Ciate nailpolishes, but this manicure was a total fail.
I felt like this:

Do you have total fails in your past?  What nail polish disappointed you?

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