Nail Art Marathon -French manicure

Hello, girls!
      I love french manicures. It’s simple, yet elegant and you can really be creative. I know that the classic french manicure is with white nailpolish, but you can switch it up a little bit, right?
      When I saw that my beautiful blogger girls are doing a marathon and the next theme is French manicure I signed up!
       I used to love classic french in highschool. Was my go to manicure. You can make it yourself at home very easy. At any boutique you can find strips for the french if you don’t have a steady hand. I love to use coloured nailpolish for my french manichiure. It’s a lot of fun. I intend to do a rainbow french manichiure.
Here are my old french manicures:


       For today’s collaboration I used two new nailpolishes.
       The base is from Nails inc from the Gel effect line and it’s caled Lexington Gardens. It’s a lilac polish. I did two coats. I love the shine, the application, the consistency. The brush it’s amazing for a clean application. With the extra wide brush you can avoid streaks and you can cancel out imperfections easily. The high gloss of the polish creates flawless salon-like manicures. It’s beautiful. It’s opaque in two coats, stays on the nails 6-7 days. I will buy more Nails inc gel nailpolishes soon.
        On the tip of the nails I used Color Club- Cloud Nine. It’s a pinkish purple holographic nailpolish. In therms of thickness it’s just perfect. You can apply two thin coats or one thicker coat and you are good to go. 





I will invite you now to see the beautiful results of my girls:

  1. Deyutza 
  2. Oana 
  3. Iulia Maria 
  4. Mihaela 
  5. Mădălina
  6. Madalina 
  7. Iulia B. 
  8. Vanyna 
Do you love holographic nailpolish? You have at least one in your collection?
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